Tukutuku Project

In collaboration with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Jolt Dance, Ferndale School and Avonside Girls’ High School

On Monday 2nd August to Wednesday 4th August the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Jolt Dance lead workshops with students from Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’. They supported and worked with selected students from Ferndale to create dance/drama/music performances. 

Tukutuku — Image by: SBHS

The music was composed to reflect the individual Ferndale students. Selected music students from Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ worked with members of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra to learn and develop the music. At the same time drama and dance students from the two schools worked with the Jolt tutors and Ferndale students to bring the music to life through performance. 

Tukutuku — Image by: SBHS

The collaboration culminated with a performance on Wednesday afternoon to the public of the finished performance pieces. This was a very unique project we are extremely proud to be a part of. 

Tukutuku — Image by: SBHS

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