Learning Support

The focus at Shirley Boys’ High School is on ensuring that the classroom is an Inclusive Learning Environment so that all students feel they can participate in the learning, feel valued, and experience success.

It is very important that we have a copy of any diagnostic report about a student’s learning difficulties on file at school. Individually tailored strategies will be recommended to assist an individual student and ensure Inclusive learning can take place.  The SENCO/LSC , Gail Collier and Elizabeth Wilson, Director of GATE/LSC will liaise with subject teachers to ensure they are aware of students in their classes who have been diagnosed with Specific Learning Disorders.

Students with Learning Disorders also tend to find that their learning is supported by using their own BYOD laptop in the classroom  This often eases learning difficulties and enables the learning to be more individualised and supported by assistive technology software on the devicesLoan devices are available for those who experience a sudden, short-term injury/illness, for whom technology would be assistive.