Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning generally occurs between 8.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Success in learning is of course enhanced by the development of good study habits through a regular revision programme. Complementing this, there is the co-curricular programme which includes various sporting, cultural and special interest activities.

At Shirley Boys’ students are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of school activities in order that they may discover and develop interests and talents, and further their time at school. Many of our hardest working students in the classroom are also fully involved in co-curricular activities.

Please find below links to our timetable.

Junior Curriculum (Year 9 and 10)

All students are required to study five core subjects and two to four option subjects (depending on whether they choose half-year or full-year options). Language subjects are also available. A band and extension students are required to study a language. B band and Maori students may select a language as one of their option subjects.

Core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education) are compulsory. Students also select two to four option subjects, depending on whether they choose half-year or full-year options. Language subjects are offered to some students (Maori, Japanese, French).

Year 9 Course Information

Year 10 Course Information

Senior Curriculum (Year 11, 12 and 13)

All courses lead to National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) qualifications.

  • Year 11 core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) are compulsory, plus students select up to three option subjects.
  • Year 12 students select six subjects. English is recommended and several other new subjects are offered. Students select six subjects.
  • Year 13 students select any five subjects.

Multi-level learning senior students are encouraged to choose (where appropriate), subjects from a variety of levels. Some students are able to study Stage 1 University courses in a number of curriculum areas.

Senior Course Information

Fortnightly report

The Fortnightly Report focuses on students’ attitude, ability to complete their coursework and attendance. Primarily, it serves as a way of promoting regular communication with home while making the students more accountable for their progress. It is important to note that these reports do not record the student’s academic or scholastic ability.

Parents can access the report through the school’s Parent Portal using their assigned login and password. For those without internet access, the Fortnightly Report is posted home on a fortnightly basis.

For Year 9 and 10 students, the Fortnightly Report data is used to ascertain their Graduation mark at the end of each term. Students will be permitted to progress to the next year level if they achieve an average of 3/5 across all subjects each term. Top performing students will also be able to graduate with Merit or Distinction at the end of each year.

The criteria for ‘Attitude and Course Work’ are shown as one grade on the report with a mark between 1 and 5:

  • 5 – Stands out during the fortnight in their effort and application
  • 4 – Consistently applies themselves and makes a good effort
  • 3 – Fulfils the basic requirements of learning and behaviour
  • 2 – Reluctant to make the effort required in class
  • 1 – No inclination to be involved in learning

Learning Support

Specialist reading teachers ensure that students who need extra help receive appropriate assistance. This includes one-to-one and small group work. A programme for assistance in Mathematics is also offered. Other initiatives include the use of Year 13 students as Tutors in these areas. For more information click here.