Rules & Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

The authority of the school with respect to the students includes all occasions when the students are wearing school uniform at school, participating in a school activity outside of the school, travelling to or from school, or whenever they are identifiable as members of the school (whether in school uniform or not).

Students are required to be at school each day it is open, unless prevented from attending by sickness or any other circumstances beyond their control. Absences should be notified by telephone or email to the attendance officer first thing in the morning, 375 7057 or [email protected]. If this is not done, an absence note must be handed to the student’s Form Tutor on the day they return to school. In some circumstances we reserve the right to request a signed parental note or medical certificate for absences. 3 days consequtive absence will require a medical certificate on return. Dental and medical appointments should not occur during school time if at all possible.

If a student has been absent without explanation for one or more periods on any given day, a text message will be sent to parents/caregivers notifying them of the absence at the end of that day.

Applications for leave must be made in writing in advance to the Headmaster.

The following is a summary of the Board of Trustees policy on Alcohol and Drugs:

  • The school accepts its responsibility, alongside parents, of educating the students in the harmful consequences of alcohol misuse and the use of illegal drugs.
  • To this end any student who seeks help in this area will be dealt with in a supportive and positive way. A Guidance Counsellor is the best person to approach for this help.
  • Any student possessing or supplying alcohol or illegal drugs is likely to face the most serious consequences (exclusions from school could result).
  • There will be no use of alcohol by students in social situations where they are identifiable as members of the school.
  • Smoking and Vaping (tobacco or any other substance) by students where they are identifiable as members of the school is prohibited at all times, including during travel to and from school.
Are not permitted to be used or turned on at school during class time (8.35am-3.00pm). They are permitted to be turned on at intervals and lunchtimes.

This sets out rights and responsibilities including behaving in a manner which will not negatively impact on the health and safety of ourselves, other students or staff.

All students are required to abide by the school’s Rules and Regulations.

Students involved in acts of theft or violence, in the use of offensive language, as well as infringements of the school’s alcohol and drugs policy are likely to face the most serious of consequences (exclusions from school could result).

Students are required to have good attendance and good work habits in their classes if they wish to participate in co-curricular events during school time.

Damage as a result of negligence or mischief will be charged to the student concerned.

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at lunchtime to purchase lunch or to visit the local shopping centres. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the normal school day.

These are to be registered with the Student Office which also issues driver and passenger passes. The school reserves the right, at any stage, to withdraw the student’s motor vehicle permit.

Lockers are availible for students to secure valuable items during the course of the day. A cycle compound is available for student use. All personal property must be clearly named.

School Uniform

All students must wear the full and correct school uniform at school, to and from school, and on all school visits. Applications for short-term exemptions should be made in writing to the Deputy Headmaster. A shoe bank is availible for one day loan while shoes are being repaired or replaced.

Hair must be neatly presented and extremes of fashion eg dreadlocks or more than one natural hair colour, are not permitted. It must be kept off the face and shoulders (when standing upright) and long hair that touches the shoulders should be tied back with a single tie at the back of the head.

The correct sports and physical education uniforms must be worn.

Cycle helmets are compulsory for all cyclists.

Spartan Sport Uniform

The school has a range of sports items for sale including hoodies, warm-up tees and shorts available for purchase at the start of each term. These items must not be altered in any way Any item created using the school logo, or name, must be approved by the Board of Trustees and Spartan Sport committee.