Year 10 Camps

Our Year 10 Camps to Purau are from Monday 7th November to Wednesday 30th November. Students will be going on camp in their PE classes. See more information on dates below.

All information on the camp has been emailed home. If your student has any questions they can discuss with their PE teacher. 

Camp 1 – Monday 7th – Wednesday 9th November

  • 10N (DPS)
  • 10K (DPS, MJD)

Camp 2 – Monday 14th – Wed 16th November

  • 10E (MJD)
  • 10G (TMC, GJD)

Camp 3 – Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th November

  • 10F (CJT)
  • 10H (DPS)

Camp 4 – Monday 21st – Wednesday 23rd November

  • 10M (CJT)
  • 10R (SEC)

Camp 5 – Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th November

  • 10Q (TMC)
  • 10P (SEC)

Camp 6 – Monday 28th – Wednesday 30th November

  • Sport D (ENT)

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