The Kings & Marlborough Exchanges

30-31 May Kings Exchange

The first SBHS home exchange in a while and just the second at the new site. Kicked off Monday night with an intense basketball fixture between the two schools. The next day was full of sports ranging from the turf, to the rugby field, to the football field and into the gyms. It was great to see some many of the students and staff out supporting. Some notable games were the junior football and the 1st XV rugby putting away their competition in style. Kings staff commented on the hospitality and facilities at SBHS.

8-9 June Marlborough Exchange

Barley a week later the next exchange was on our doorstep. Marlborough arrived with similar fixtures, this time swapping out the 1st XV and U14 Rugby for the 2nd XV and U15 Rugby. Kicking off with a dominant Hockey win on the Wednesday night. Thursday was the main event and again there was competitive sports on display around the schools facilities. The highlight this time was the Senior Basketball with a very dominant win. U15 Rugby got up but the MBC 2nd XV was too strong for us it what proved to be an exciting main event.

Image by: SBHS

Image by: SBHS

Image by: SBHS

Image by: SBHS

Kings Exchange:

  • Senior basketball win 82-65
  • 1st XI Hockey win 2-1
  • Junior football win 4-0
  • Junior basketball win 85-79
  • U14 Rugby loss 22-51
  • 1st XV Rugby win 49-12

Marlborough Exchange:

  • 1st XI Hockey win 5-2
  • Junior football loss 1-5
  • Junior basketball win 68-54
  • 2nd/1st XI Hockey win 6-1
  • Senior basketball win 95-60
  • U15 rugby win 31-24
  • 2nd XV Rugby los 22-31

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