Spartans Sport Vision

Spartan Sport is the single unifying
character of the numerous sports that are available for SBHS students to
participate in. From traditional sports such as rugby, football and cricket to
more recent additions such as surfing and table tennis, SBHS aims to provide
all its students with sporting opportunities. It is compulsory for all Year 9
students to participate in the Spartan Sport programme, whereby they must
participate in a sport during their first year at SBHS.

Shirley Boys’ High School students will achieve personal growth and success through sport and physical activity.

We will achieve this vision by:

  • providing opportunities for students to be involved in a broad range of sport and physical activities

  • establishing and maintaining facilities that are suitable for developing a diverse range of sporting skills

  • encouraging students to strive toward BtB  (Better than Before).

  • putting the student at the centre of the decision making process

  • providing sporting pathways from our contributing schools and to our community clubs and organisations

  • approaching sport from the philosophy that ‘better people make better athletes’

  • actively promote the principles and  philosophy of the ‘Shirley Man’ and the ‘Fair Play Charter’

For more information about the Junior Spartans Programme (JSP), see the Spartans Sports Directory.

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