Student Support

The student body at Shirley Boys’ High School is divided into four house groups – Aoraki (blue), Blake (green), Mullins (red) and Snell (gold).

Within each house group, students are divided into vertical form classes made up of students from each year level 9-13. Form Class Tutors are the first point of contact for pastoral matters as they see students regularly, and in most cases students have the same Form Class Tutor for their five years at Shirley. Form Class Tutors monitor their student’s attendance and uniform, as well as complete weekly reports on their attitude and course work.

Deans are responsible for overall well-being of students in their house group, including welcoming of new students, timetable construction/changes and course selections. Deans also monitor students who are not achieving to their potential or who are engaging in unacceptable behaviours, ensuring appropriate action is taken when required.

Aoraki House

Firmedow, Andrew

Andy Firmedow
Dean of Aoraki House
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Ext: 329

Blake House

Jones, Garth

Garth Jones
Dean of Blake House
Email Me
Ext: 363

Mullins House

Vine, Kristopher

Kris Vine
Dean of Mullins House
Email Me
Ext: 421

Snell House

Howell, Scott

Scott Howell
Dean of Snell House
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Ext: 397

The Guidance Team includes a Guidance Counsellor, Learning Support Co-ordinator (SENCO), Careers Advisor and Transition Teacher who are available to assist students with personal, social, educational and vocational guidance.

Guidance Counsellor

Shirley Boys’ High School has a qualified Guidance Counsellor who ensures students receive information to assist them to make positive, informed and appropriate decisions about their future. The Counsellor is also available if students have specific concerns about anything at school or home.

Learning Support Co-ordinator (SENCO)

The SENCO co-ordinates the extra learning support required by students who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, physical disabilities or behavioural disorders, so that they can be more successful in the classroom.

Careers Advisor/Transition

As well as providing careers information and options to students, the Careers Advisor is responsible for managing the Transition department, the schools’ Gateway and Canterbury Tertiary College (CTC) programmes. There are a number of trade training and work experience opportunities available for students in Year 12 and 13 through the STAR and Gateway programmes, which are co-ordinated by the Gateway Co-ordinator and Transition Assistant.