Does my child need to wear a face mask?

Yes. The government has mandated that students over the age of 12 are to wear face masks. Unless they hold an exemption. This will need discussion with the Deputy Headmaster, or the Deans.

Does my son need to wear a face mask on the school bus?

Yes. It is mandated that they do unless they hold an exemption.

Do I need to wear a mask if I come into school?

Yes. All visitors to our kurā are required to wear a face mask, which is in line with the public health order. 

What kind of face masks?

The government are recommending the medical variety not the cloth kind.  But if you have a cloth one that is fine. 

Will the school be supplying masks to the students?

No.  The school is not funded to supply face masks to students.  Face masks are required to go into all sorts of places so people should have them already.  We will have a small supply to give out for those that do happen to forget or lose them. 

Does my son need to be vaccinated?

No.  Your son is not required to be vaccinated to be at school.  Some activities e.g Sport do require participants to be vaccinated. 

How do you store, and who has access to my son’s vaccination information?

As with all personal information we collect, it is private, and only a few key members of staff have access to it. 

Do I (the parent) need to be vaccinated to come into school?

No, you are entitled to come to school to discuss your students learning.  However, if there is an event that is deemed extra curricular you will not be able to attend without a vaccine pass.  Please do make an appointment. 

What is the school doing about contact tracing?

The school requires all visitors to sign in with the schools QR code and if they are moving past reception, further into the school for a meeting, they are required to sign in using our visitor tablet.  

From a student point of view, the students are timetabled so we know where they are during class time, it is more challenging to monitor their movements during break times. There is very little we can do about this, and we do not wish to totally restrict their movements. 

What will happen if there is a case in school?

Notification via email and social media is made to the school community that SBHS has a case and has identified close contacts.

Will my student have to sit next to an unvaccinated student?

Possibly.  We are not allowed to identify students who are vaccinated verses unvaccinated.  The information we collect regarding the vaccination status of our students is confidential. 

Are all your staff vaccinated?

Yes, every person who has contact at school with students must be fully vaccinated and keep up to date with required boosters.  This is law, and we monitor it very closely.